Complimenting Your Body Type

One of the most important things to know in a world of changing fashion trends is what your body type is. It’s important to know what flatters your shape and figuring this out can be tricky! Figuring out what proportion your body is helps you to find what parts you need to camouflage so that you can have a balanced silhouette.


Once you figure out your body shape there a number of other things you will need to consider in order to really complement your body type. Consider these other factors:

  1. Vertical body: Long or short legs?
  2. Your weight
  3. Your height and your weight together: Petite, Plus size & tall
  4. Your shoulder size and angle
  5. Your bone structure: thin, average or big-boned.
  6. Bigger areas: large bust, flabby arms, large booty ect

This may seem like a lot to consider but when you want to look your best you need to consider your whole body from head to toe.


To figure out your body shape you will want to take your upper body to your lower body including your waist and think of it as you were looking at a dress form. This is the part of the body that will help you figure out if you are busty, apple, slender, hourglass, pear or petite.

The vertical part of your body is your lower half of your body compared to the top. You want to see if you have short or long legs, short or long-waisted or if you have a good balance between both.


Even after you figure out your body type and style that doesn’t mean that you can wear certain things. You can make anything work with a little bit of styling and proportioning. So here are some rules to go by:

    • You want to play up your best assets and take away from your trouble areas.
  2. FIT
    • You want to make sure the clothes fit your body. You don’t want clothes that are to tight or to loose-fitting. Petite and plus size bodies with the right fit helps to create the perfect silhouette.
    • No matter what your body type let your style do the talking. When you feel comfortable and confident it shows and you will glow. You want clothes that help bring out your personality.

“I say, dress to please yourself. Listen to your inner muse and take a chance. Wear something today that says ‘Here I am’ today.”

-Iris Apfel

How to Dress your body type:

Hour glass:

Hour glass girls will want to put their focus on their waist and make it the focal point. There are a variety of ways to do this:

  • A dark-colored belt wrapped around the narrowest point of your waist.
  • Voluminous skirts such as a full circle skirt this will help make your waist look smaller. Aline skirts and pencil skirts also flatter the hourglass body shape.
  • V-neck shirts help to give you a slimming neckline especially if you are well endowed in that area.
  • Focus on clothes that have vertical details such as, pleats, vertical prints and buttons that go downwards.


The apple body shape basically means that you appear to be top-heavy. You have little waist definition and have a full chest and back. You will want to trim and define your waist line. The variety of ways to do this are:

  • A dark-colored wide belt that has some stretch to it.
  • Details at the hemline that will bring the attention to your legs.
  • Empire waist, long tops and tunic shirts will help to lift your chest and make your waist look trimmer.


The slender body shape is able to get away with more than most other body shapes. Usually a slender body shape has a second body shape that can help to figure out which dressing style to go towards. The ways you will want to try to dress your slender style are:

  • Lots of accessories.
  • Breaking up your silhouette with different cuts and shapes.
  • Layering fitted clothes.
  • Lots of details, prints and textures.
  • Also defining your waist


Many look at this style as the athletic style and what you would see on the catwalk. You will want to add width and volume around your hip line and thigh area. Here are some ways to help dress the busty shape:

  • Fuller skirts like ruffled, tiers and full circle.
  • Tops with soft sleeves like raglan and dropped shoulder points.
  • Light and bold colors on your skirts and pants will help to balance out your body shape.
  • All kinds of prints and horizontal patterns including lace and stripes.


The pear body is more prominent on the bottom half. It does not mean that you have a big booty or thighs it just means your bottom heavy rather than having a larger waist or bust. Here are the things you will want to do to help dress your pear body shape:

  • Draw the attention to the top half of your body.
  • Lots of details, colors and prints on your top half of the body.
  • Necklines that are more horizontal like the boat neckline.
  • Kimono and bell sleeves.
  • Scarves help to draw the attention upward!
  • Darker colors on your bottom half as well as vertical details such as pleats, stitches and vertical zippers.


Petite girls come in all body shapes and sizes. This means you need to figure out what body shape you are first and then use those recommendations and then add some others on to help with your petite body. Here are some things to help:

  • Elongate your height. Stay in that monochromatic colored outfits so your don’t break up your body.
  • Wear high waist pants to help make your legs look longer.
  • Use belts to help accentuate your waist.


Ask yourselves these few questions the next time your about to get ready for the day:

  1. My best body feature is?
  2. The outfits I like wearing best are and why?
  3. I think my body type is closest to? (Select the body type or the closest body type)
  4. I will do these things to compliment my body type by…


Photo Jul 20, 7 11 28 PM

Now go out there and find your body shape and dress yourself with confidence. The best accessories you can have is your smile and your self-confidence.

Till next time,


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